the girl (dawnmarie727) wrote in easternpaqueers,
the girl

GLBT Hike!

Hello boys and girls,
It's that time of the month again for a journey into the woods. This month we will be checking out High Point State Park. I'd like to suggest that we meet at the visitor center. We will probably be taking the 3.5 mile Monument Trail but I'd like to pick up the trail description map at the visitor center before we head out.

Here's the google map to get there (I suggest copying the entire URL into your browswer window):

Other information on the park can be found at:

After the hike, we'll probably see if everyone wants to go have lunch.

Since I'm not sure of the park's policy on pets, I'd like to suggest we all leave the critters at home this time. It's also going to be a warm day to leave them in the car for lunch.

Everyone wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing. And make sure you bring water to drink. Everyone hikes at their own risk so be careful.

I'm looking forward to our hike. If you have questions, email me:
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